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U.S. Escrow offers escrow services in the US and internationally. Call us!

U.S. Escrow supports clients through the following services:

  • Cash Escrow
  • Tri-Party Escrow
  • Document Escrow
  • Computer Source Code Escrow
  • Payment Bond Alternative
  • Commercial Purchase & Sale Closings
  • Business Consulting

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38 Years of Trusted Service

U.S. Escrow Services, Inc., is a Colorado corporation, has maintained a reputation of trust and integrity since its inception 38 years ago. The company has acted as escrow agent in many diverse situations and has always fulfilled its customers’ requirements. U.S. Escrow’s experience and professionalism have allowed it to accommodate the most challenging requirements from all parties.

U.S. Escrow has maintained a pristine reputation and it has never had any claim of any nature made against it by any escrow client, customer or beneficiary of any escrow. Janel Bryan, President of U.S. Escrow manages the overall operations of Clients, accounting, banking and transaction closures. Kristie Stafford, the General Counsel for U.S. Escrow, provides legal advice to the company and drafts all documents for each transaction. Gary Bryan with 30 plus years of experience, is a business consultant for commercial and international transactions, along with outside attorneys in the areas as needed. Each fully reviews the work of the other on an ongoing basis.

U.S. Escrow has acted as escrow agent in business sales for business brokers throughout the country including oil and gas leasing companies; real estate transactions that require and outside escrow; and all types of financial transactions which require and independent third-party intermediary. U.S. Escrow also acts as trustee for source code and documents for several large companies.

U.S. Escrow Services, Inc. maintains its primary escrow trust accounts at Bank of America and has accounts at Wells Fargo Bank and Verus Bank of Commerce. U.S. Escrow works closely with our banks, and we have never had any issues concerning our trust accounts, deposits, transfers and withdrawals from our trust accounts. U.S. Escrow Services is also experienced in international transactions and wire transfers. As a policy, other than our government contracts, U.S. Escrow Services only accepts wire transfers into its trust account.

U.S. Escrow has a national and international reputation for integrity while providing services to its clients, customers and beneficiaries of its escrows. Above all, the company strictly abides by, and adheres to the requirements of its fiduciary duties to those persona and companies that entrust funds, document and other personal property to the company.

All Escrows are deposited in and FDIC insured bank. All transactions are done over a VPN (Virtual-Private Network).

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